Next Tourist Mission Launch
Date: today - 5:42 a.m. Eastern
Mission: ASPTY-136 Cargo Mission to International Space Station
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The Asperity Technologies Corp. is the world’s leading aerospace manufacturer and space transport service company.After the retirement of the Space Shuttle fleet in 2011,Asperity Technologies purchased one of NASA’s iconic spacecrafts to continue necessary cargo and maintenance flights to the lower earth orbit.

Our new “Asperity” spacecraft is a fully revamped version of the original shuttle, equipped with a self-developed reusable launch system, immensely cutting costs of each launch.

Since 2017 selected missions have been opened to personal spaceflight. As our modern and fully automated shuttle requires only one astronaut per mission, the co-pilot seat is free for civilian passengers. Currently, our passenger missions are sold out through 2029.

Award Winning Corporate Video

Watch our award winning Corporate Film and let us explain to you, what makes the Asperity Technologies Corporation the #1 private space agency.

Also meet one of our pilots, Charles Overmyer - an American engineer, astronaut, and Command Pilot in the United States Air Force.

'Cause we love our Shuttle so much

here's some pictures of her beauty.

Book Your Personal Space Flight

No Open Flights Available before 2029

  • Space Shuttle Flight

  • $250,000
    per flight
  • Cargo or maintenance flight
  • Lower Earth Orbit Mission
  • more than 50 miles above Earth guaranteed
  • no pets

No Open Flights Available

Unfortunately we are overbooked at the moment. Please get in touch with our customer service if you wish to be added to our waiting list. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Why choose us?

Our Washington, D.C. based headquarters feature a total surface area of 1,90,00 SQ FT. and 2 individual manufacturing facilities. Founded in 1999 we have many years of experience. Safety: We Care as well - there is an individual quality control of each component that we produce.

Our Space Port is located near Palina Beach, Florida. If you already own a valid ticket for one of our missions: All our future missions will launch from Bay-01 at Palina Beach, FL.

Hybrid Reality Warning

This section is a work of fiction and part of the virtual reality experience "Asperity". Please refer to our Experience site and Contact page for further details. Thank you.