World Premiere at the FMX'18


Photos by Bo Riedel-Petzold

Presentation of a VR experience

ASPERITY received its premiere during the FMX’18 giving visitors exclusive access to the Asperity Launch Bay area and the chance for a personal space flight. Users had to pre book their flights via a selfdeveloped flight app and choose their departure times in advance.

Space tourists would then take a seat on our replica space shuttle seat - seatbelts have been tightend by our stewardess and the ride begun.

ASPERITY's hero, Pilot Charles Overmyer, also joined the FMX conference - completely dressed in his space suit. A lot of pictures were taken and many visitors had a chat about space travel. A 1/18 scale replica of the Space Shuttle Asperity was displayed as well.

ASPERITY is an interactive virtual reality experience developed within the Unity Game Engine. It allows the HTC Vive user to participate in a low earth orbit space shuttle mission in a unique and breathtaking realization.

Our project combines a real time development environment with traditional pre-generated VFX elements, such as physics simulations and 2D composited live action footage, within the Unity Game engine. In this interactive, 360° room scale experience, the user gets to be part of the action as well, including physical user feedback in the real world to tie it all together.

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Building the World of Asperity

During the FMX conference Producer Lena-Carolin Lohfink and director Sebastian Ingenfeld gave visitors a short look view behind the scenes of our interactive VR experience.