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The Asperity Technologies Corporation is the world’s leading space transport service company and space travel operator. For its tourist missions the company uses updated versions of NASA’s iconic “Space Shuttle”-  keeping the co pilot seat free for civilian passengers. During a standard docking procedure several of the shuttle’s maneuver rockets explode. This fatal failure generates a deathly cloud of space debris later striking through the cockpit windows and suddenly killing the mission pilot Charles Overmyer. The only person left onboard is the untrained space tourist, so flight control manager Marina Ivchenko has to guide the sightseer through all steps of savely docking the spacecraft to the International Space Station.

User Experience

Lower Earth orbit - you are sitting right next to the pilot in the Space Shuttle cockpit, while Charles Overmyer maneuvers his up to date spacecraft to the ISS. Suddenly the shuttle’s retro rockets explode unexpectedly, spinning the spaceship dangerously and uncontrolled through vacuum. Now the overstained pilot needs your help - you are in charge: Find the right button out of hundred switches or correct the relative speed to the ISS while ground control Marina Ivchenko guides you remotely through complex maneuvers, lost in space.

Asperity is an interactive virtual reality experience developed within the Unity Game Engine. It allows the HTC Vive user to participate in a low earth orbit space shuttle mission in a unique and breathtaking realization.

Watch a short video snippet captured right from a user's experience!

  • in-game VR screenshots (real time)


  • is a cinematic, interactive VR experience in which you join renowned pilot Charles Overmyer aboard the Space Shuttle on an eventful cargo mission to the International Space Station! Asperity combines a real time development environment with traditional pre-generated VFX elements, such as physics simulations and 2D composited live action footage, within the Unity Game engine. In this interactive, 360° room scale experience, the user gets to be part of the action as well, including physical user feedback in the real world to tie it all together.


  • Real Time Development Environment
  • Combined With Traditional Pre-Generated VFX Elements
  • Perfectly Immersive Sound Delivered In Bineural Audio
  • Authentic Replica Of A Space Shuttle Pilot's Seat
  • Physical User Feedback Through Integrated Vibration Generators
  • Hand Interaction via a Space Glove System
  • Physical Joystick Interaction
  • Expo-Media / Asperity Launch Bay Installation
  • Walking Acts & Convention Service
  • Pilot "Charles Overmyer" looking at the Asperity Launch Bay setup at the FMX 2018 conference.

Experience Trailer

The Asperity Experience Trailer, shot during the premiere at the FMX 2018, gives an inside look into the VR world and expomedia presentation.

Shot by Bo Riedel-Petzold.

  • in-game VR screenshot (real time)

FMX Premiere

Also check our post about the ASPERITY premiere during FMX'18 and learn more about the Asperity Launch Bay. You may also take a look at our FMX program talk about the Making of Asperity, giving a short look behind the scenes of our project.

  • FMX Conference Photos by Bo Riedel-Petzold.